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After the Fall: A New Framework To Regulate “Too Big to Fail” Nonbank Financial Institutions

Alison M. Hashmall

This Editorial summarizes my forthcoming Note, 85 N.Y.U. L. REV. (forthcoming June 2010), in which I assert that our current regulatory structure is suboptimal in its regulation of the systemic risk created by the failure of large, interconnected “nonbank” financial institutions (in general, a nonbank financial institution is any institution that… Read More »

“Voice” in the Close Corporation

Benjamin Means - University of South Carolina School of Law

In a recent article published by the Georgetown Law Journal, I criticize the inflexibility of existing law concerning claims of minority shareholder oppression in close corporations.  A more satisfactory approach, I contend, would encourage courts to vary their level of scrutiny, requiring detailed justification from controlling shareholders when the minority… Read More »

Systemic Risk: Revisiting Theory from the Perspective of the “Subprime” Financial Crisis

Steven L. Schwarcz - Duke University School of Law

This is a test Read More »