Tag: Response

Modernization and Lawlessness: A Reply to Professor Mitchell

David A. Strauss - The University of Chicago Law School

Professor Mitchell’s characteristically thoughtful and incisive comment makes many important points. I also agree with Professor Mitchell that a modernization approach gives political actors an incentive to behave strategically… Read More »

Prior Convictions at Criminal Trials: A Response to Eisenberg and Hans

Sherry F. Colb - Cornell University Law School

This Editorial is a response to an editorial—and accompanying article—by two of my colleagues at Cornell, Valerie Hans and Ted Eisenberg.  Their editorial persuasively argues that the admissibility of a defendant’s prior criminal record has several consistent effects: (1) it deters defendants with a record from taking the stand in… Read More »

Through the Looking Glass: A Response to Professor Dan Markel’s Retributive Damages

Sheila B. Scheuerman - Charleston School of Law

This Editorial is a response to Dan Markel’s Legal Workshop Editorial: Retributive Damages as Intermediate Public Sanctions: A Synopsis.
In Retributive Damages: A Theory of Punitive Damages as Intermediate Sanction, Professor Markel intentionally situates his… Read More »

Protect Us, Lord, from Title VII: A Response to Gelbach, Klick, and Wexler

Richard A. Epstein - New York University Law School

In their recent article, Passive Discrimination, Jonah Gelbach, Jonathan Klick, and Lesley Wexler (hereafter “GKW”) offer yet another way to pile additional liabilities on hapless employers for race or sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Their article is ingenious because it identifies a mechanism—previously discussed… Read More »

A Response to James McDonald’s “Milberg’s Monopoly” in Duke Law Journal Vol. 58

Len Simon - Former Partner, Milberg LLP

This is a response to James McDonald’s student Note, Milberg’s Monopoly: Restoring Honesty and Competition to the Plaintiffs’ Bar in Volume 58 of the Duke Law Journal.  Click here for the Note.
Although the Duke Law Journal’s article, Milberg’s Monopoly: Restoring Honesty and Competition to the Plaintiffs’ Bar, reflects a lot of effort… Read More »

Modernization, Moderation, and Political Minorities: A Response to Professor Strauss

Jonathan F. Mitchell - George Mason University School of Law

The Supreme Court is frequently accused of declaring laws unconstitutional based on little more than the justices’ ideological preferences. This is an especially common criticism of the Court’s capital-punishment, equal-protection, and substantive-due-process jurisprudence, where the justices have made little effort to tie their decisions to anything resembling a neutral principle.
In… Read More »

Not So Private Takings: A Response to Abraham Bell’s Private Takings

Richard A. Epstein - New York University Law School

Abraham Bell’s instructive article begins with his conscious decision to distance himself from the “popular firestorm” that greeted the Supreme Court’s 2005 decision in Kelo v New London. In so doing, however, he reveals a tin ear to the public protests, which contain much good sense. As one author who has… Read More »

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